Monday, April 18, 2005

Bakers Dozen

3 races in 3 weeks...and they just kept getting better! This past weekend was the Bakers Dozen 13 hour mountain bike race in South Carolina. It was my first solo attempt (also self-supported), and really it was just training. I went into it expecting to ride for 13 hours at a pace that I could handle for that long. The course was pretty flat, actually, but very rooty! After about 5 laps, the roots started taking a toll on my upper body. I tried to avoid them but on this course that is impossible. My hands and arms hurt more than my legs for the entire race! To my surprise, 11 laps put me in 2nd place for the Solo Female division. That's 88 miles (actually 90+ if you count the extra distance covered by me making a WRONG turn on my 3rd lap..opps!). Eddie finished 1st in the Solo Male category (of course), with 19 laps and 152 miles...almost twice as much as I rode! You're amazing (but I don't need to tell you that ;) The rest of the Arc Angels team was out there (great job everyone!) and the NWGA SORBA race team as well. They were all awesome to race and hang out with. All in all, a great weekend!

Update: After the fact, I realize that the roots hurt so bad because my fork was setup wrong..and therefore not really working! Geez?!


Blogger mallie said...

It's always nice to find other blogs to check out. I'll add yours to my list. Thanks again for the kind comments.

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