Sunday, August 12, 2007

Singlespeeding Fool?

If you are one, you are in for a treat. I may do a more detailed write up on the course..but for now, I think the perfect word to sum it up is "yeeooowwwwch" :)

Eddie and I cleared some more trail yesterday, and the hope was that we could FINALLY ride the whole 50 mile route in one piece today. We've ridden all the parts but never all together, something always seems to foil our plans. Anyway, things were going well until we hit the Jones Creek trail. There were even more small trees down, lots of deadfall in the way on that trail as well as Bull Mt. and Bare Hare. We still got in about 40+ miles including all the trail work on the way but we were unable to ride the entire route as planned due to the interruptions.

The course has some of everything....grueling gravel road (not too much, thank goodness), plush singletrack, rough singletrack, a good amount of doubletrack, long descents (for Georgia, at least), creek crossings, rocks, roots, steep pitches, and even a couple hike-a-bike sections (short, so not too bad). There's also a few recovery sections of gradual downhill for the SSers to spin their little legs off...but, again, not too many of these.

This is going to be a tough hundie for sure. I'll be impressed if anyone breaks 9 hours. Not to say it can't be done..but I'll be impressed none the less. The course conditions are currently super dry.

Hopefully some of our pix came out and I can post a few tomorrow.

See many of you fools next weekend!


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