Thursday, March 27, 2008

oh, the embarassment

i did my first intown group road ride in 2 years today! the buckhead bellyache..otherwise known as the thursday night ego-fest, haha. just kidding. anyway, i got dropped by my friend mark b. who was on a mountain bike. YES, i was on a ROAD bike and he was on a MOUNTAIN bike. how embarassing. it was insane how these people hammer up the climbs! i mean, aren't the climbs hard enough as is? my tempo pace didn't cut it because before i knew it, everyone in front of me was sprinting up this climb (pretty long one, with 3 stair steps..the home depot hills for those that know). i could have caught back up after that (maybe), but i got stuck in traffic with some other roadies that like to weave in and out of traffic. to me, it wasn't worth my life or pissing off drivers just to catch up with the i rode the rest with about 8-10 other guys. so, other than the less-than-civilized climbing pace, it was actually pretty fun. i want to do more of this as i'd like to get into some road racing when i get my new bike. i need it for the fitness, and it's good for business.

by the way, i just realized people were confused about my comment on somebody thinking i'm boring...i guess my links don't show up highlighted but anyway, it was a joke..really nothing to get upset about. to see what i was talking about go here: link.


Blogger kat said...

That's how I feel on the pizza ride.

10:48 AM  

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