Sunday, June 01, 2008


Faster Mustache can throw a party! The Goldsprints in between adult beverages was insanely hard but really fun. I only made it through the qualifier and the 1st heat..mostly because I'm more comfortable at a cadence of 80-90 and these guys were going 140+. Well, that, and the womens handicap went out the window when the system had "technical difficulties". I had to race Kurt Rampton (who's going to win that one? Duh.) and then Kurt had to race Eddie (who's going to win that one, too? Duh.) Kurt, Christopher, Austin, Hodge..they were all impressive up there! Hodge even threw up a whole pizza and 6 hours worth of beers (he went to a beer festival earlier in the day) and still won twice. I had an awesome time and I'm going to work on my leg speed between now and the next one. They do have a 24 hour race they put on in September, too. I can do a little better at that ;) Here's a few great shots of Eddie and Hodge and a bunch of other great ones. Make sure you check out Eddie's mustache.

More pix here (by Chris Kelly


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