Saturday, May 19, 2007

One hell of a day..or 12 hours of hell

Eddie and his pit crew Richard took off at 9am today for 24 hours of Conyers. I decided to get a 5-6 hour ride in at Dauset Trails, then I was going to go over to Conyers to keep Richard company and help Eddie out. So, here's how my day went.

10:30 am arrive at Dauset, start riding

11:30 am clip pedal on root and land with handlebar in ribs, pedal in shin. Ouch. The good thing about this, though, is that I am not thinking about my knee at all...too much pain elsewhere.

1:00 pm stop to let Brandon help tune my WB Magic 80 fork..since he has the same one. I didn't have enough air in it, and the rebound was too slow.

1:30 pm head back out to evil trail that caused me to make stupid painful mistake

2:15 pm feeling kind of tired and hungry, decide to take my eyes off the trail and stare at my front wheel...BAM. hit big rock and slice right shin open on big rock.

2:18 pm decide to bag this cursed ride and try to head to conyers

5:30 pm leave for conyers, hear from mike livingston that eddie is not having a good race. not sure of reason? mechanicals? crash?

5:45 meet mike livingston for ride to conyers

5:46 lock keys in car at mike's house. AAARRGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

6:00 pick up food and more CO2 for eddie

7:00 arrive at conyers, eddie is not feeling so hot..mostly discouraged and probably in need of calories and some cheer

9:15 leave conyers and get spare keys

10:10 arrive back at mike's only to find out the battery in the car is dead. !##$%^#@!!!

10:15 head back to conyers to hand off some more gloves for eddie, car is running but everything inside (radio, lights, etc.) is dead.

12:00 midnight arrive home and ice injuries from this afternoon. ouch.

sunday night's plan involves fork tuning, tire swaps, and brake bleeding. it's the final countown to the BURN 24 now! the bike must be working flawlessly.


Blogger Mallie said...

Sounds like a really rough day. Will be sending lots of good thoughts your way for next weekend.

2:59 PM  
Blogger The Goat said...

Wow...what a day! we all have the bad ones though. Keep high Spirits for the Burn as Team Vassago is gonna rock the solo classes.

8:30 AM  

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