Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sufferfest & Party

Just because you're not racing or volunteering doesn't mean you can't come enjoy the fun and cheer on the racers...

Cheering locations:

Cooper Gap (there is a campsite there, if you want to camp Friday and/or Saturday night too). Racers will be climbing the gravel road to this point at:6:35 am (100 milers)7:00 am (50 milers)11am-2pm (100 milers again)

Camp Wahsega (Race HQ):

50 milers will start finishing around 11:30

100 milers will pass through around 11am

100 milers will start finishing around 3:00pm

There is lots of great riding right around there, so bring your bike.

Don't forget, Sweetwater and Terrapin will be flowing...


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