Thursday, November 01, 2007

Day 1, preride 1

It took us waayy waaaaay waaaaaaaay longer to get here than I thought it would. We finally arrived at the Clear Springs TH after dark. No one was in the parking lot, and I was hesitant to ride alone in the dark with a bunch of half (or less) charged batteries. Luckily I convinced Eddie (who is still sick) to jump on my Jabberwocky and ride with me. Let me say, I hate riding at night...I am so night blind. The only way I can do it in a 24 hour is that I've been riding the same trail all day so I basically can ride it in my sleep. Today's ride pretty much sucked. I couldn't see any roots or ruts..I need to figure out how to best set my lights up. Usually they aren't that bad but today I just didn't have any depth perception..maybe it's because it was a totally new trail for me also. Combine that with the fact that I was super stressed that my dogs were going to run away and get eaten by a large animal....ugh but they arrived back at the car safe with us. I did hear some large animals in the woods, though!! Unfortunately, there is not much to eat around here and since we didn't get back to town until 10:30pm, we had to eat TACO BELL. I sure hope I don't regret that tomorrow. Anyway, I think tomorrow will be better. The trail seems really nice, a lot like sandy rooty FL riding, but with climbing. I actually think my SS gear I already have on it will be fine. Bye.


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Good Luck Namrita!

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