Friday, April 11, 2008

deja vu

Last year, one week before the Cohutta 100 race, I felt really crappy. I could barely climb a hill I was so tired. It also snowed in the mountains one week before the race.

This year, one week before the same race, I again feel really crappy. For some reason, even after a couple weeks of allowing myself to recover (while still riding..just not as much) from my 4-week binge riding episode, I'm still tired! It's frustrating. Oh, and it's supposed to snow this Sunday/Monday in the mountains again. Weird.

Our Endurance Clinic yesterday was small but good. Everyone got a lot of free stuff to take home. We are doing the second one tomorrow morning. The forecast is for rain, so I'm guessing there will be a good turnout for the clinic even if we have to reschedule the group ride/on-trail Ergon demo. We'll see.

My new bike is not built yet. I think I will get started on that tomorrow if it rains. I'd like to ride it at least once before the race next weekend! I don't think my race wheels will make it in time for the 24 hours of Vail Lake, but hopefully before the 24 hours of Conyers. They sound freakin SWEET.


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