Tuesday, April 08, 2008

the secret?

I've had a few comments and emails from people wanting to know what the secret is to dropping body fat. Well, it is actually good news. There are two basic things you need to make sure you are doing:

1) Eating enough. This means eating as much as you burn at your resting metabolic rate plus what you are burning with your daily activity. If you are really trying to drop weight, subtract 500 calories per day. (FWIW, I am not subtracting 500 calories per day)

2) Eating often enough. This means every 3 to 4 hours. It has been shown in elite female athletes that the less often they eat, the higher body fat % they have.

For me, the more I eat, and the more often I eat..the less I weigh. That being said, what you eat is still important. I eat healthy on a daily basis but when I'm doing a lot of training or racing, anything goes. My current favorite post ride meal is Taco Bell--I like the Double Decker. And, I've found that a snack bag of Doritos during a long ride is awesome!! And, yes, I drink one drink a day. It's good for your heart. I think I will let myself have two on the weekends :) (BTW, the men are lucky here because they can drink more!)


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