Thursday, May 15, 2008

stuck together

That's been me for the last couple weeks. I finally got a massage yesterday from Collette (IMO, the best sports massage therapist in the state) and she found that my shoulder blades were both "stuck" to my ribcage (..using laymans terms here..) and my rotator cuff was also extremely jacked on both sides. Can I tell you..the pain I felt while she tried to "unstick" them was insane. It felt like she was driving nails through my shoulders and armpits..that, and it kind of tickled at the same time. Awful!! But, I'm so much better off for it now. I didn't realize that racing without my Wobble-naught fit for one race (even though it was a 24 hour) could mess me up so badly. Today, I'm really sore and will be heating and gently stretching as much as possible.

There's still only two women signed up (including me) for the 24 hours of Conyers. I'm still optimistic someone else will show up but there is a chance it may not happen. I guess that's ok, in that case I will just try to beat Eddie.

just kidding.


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