Thursday, June 12, 2008 we go!

Two days and counting..we are leaving for Grand Rapids this afternoon for a ride with Danielle and then back to her place for what sounds like a big party. Scott, aka the Cruise Director, has a fun-filled weekend planned for us and is cooking up some good food for it, too. Sweet.

I'm still wondering about gear selection, everyone insists 2:1 is the way to go, so that's what I have on there now. The problem is I don't have powerhouse legs like I did last winter...they're more like chicken legs now so I guess I will decide what to do tomorrow when I see some of the terrain!

Oh, I bonked yesterday..hard. We planned on a 1-1.5 hour ride on the Clinton River Trail (flat) out to Bloomer (local tech-ish singletrack) so I only took one bottle of Rapidade. Well, it took us 45 min to get out there and my bottle was practically gone. We rode a bit of Bloomer and had to head back...and that's when it happened. I started adding up all my calories for the day and the number was too low. The Rapidade was gone. I felt like I was a hundred miles from home..luckily it was only about 10! I've been eating pretty steadily since then...gotta carb up!

OK, I probably won't be able to update anything until Sunday as we will be in a cabin in the woods somewhere in northern Michigan.


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