Thursday, August 07, 2008

I had to borrow this quote...

from Sarah K

I hate myself for making such a stupid mistake as bonking. But that’s what 24hr racing is all about I guess…shoulda, woulda, coulda. Maybe that’s why it’s so addictive

I had a great "getting back into it" ride with Neal today, nice and easy 30 miles. It started AND ended with could it not be great? I don't start training with my new coach until next week so right now I'm just winding down from the racing and the long drive that came after it..oh, and working like crazy to finish planning this little event called the FOOL'S GOLD.


Blogger Neal said...

Heck was more like 33.5 miles grhhh!

As we discussed...ALL SIlver comet rides must now start AND end at Starbucks...I will start the lobby to get them to sell Tiramisu coffe icecream ;)

Looking forward to seeing you and Eddie for beers!


3:40 AM  

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