Saturday, September 27, 2008

Interbike Day 1 (Dirt Demo)

Our flight was delayed so unfortunately we got to the Dirt Demo really late. It was crazy, demo bikes were hard to come by with the masses of people waiting to ride. Because we arrived late and bikes were hard to come by, we only got to ride a few bikes. We did, however, score some beers and I got to meet some cool new people like the folks from Santa Cruz Bicycles. We ran into the SORBA folks and the guys from Dahlonega Wheelworks who were out for good times. These are the only pics I have from day 1 (thanks to Robin)

After Dirt Demo Eddie and I caught up with the guys from TWIN SIX for dinner and they prepped me for the next 3 days since I was working their booth at the indoor show. Our cab ride there might have been the most exciting part of the entire week, haha :)

Day 2 writeup up next.


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