Sunday, October 12, 2008

12 hours of Conyers

Since this was the weekend of 24 hours of Moab, I didn't want to stay home glued to the screen watching online results and feeling sorry for myself. Instead, we teamed up with superstars Chris and Tina Pic and decided to have some end-of-the-season fun at the 12 hours of Conyers.

Chris started off the rotation with Eddie in 2nd (doing 2 back to back laps), then Tina, then me. Tina was killin' it on the doubletrack sections...there was a lot of that (not much singletrack) and a big headwind for much of the course. I geared my singlespeed too hard (someday I'll admit to myself that I don't have huge muscular legs) and ended up having to change it out for my last lap. One tooth in the back made a huge difference so I felt like I was flying instead of slowly mashing everything (even though my lap time didn't really change). Tina, Chris and Eddie had really consistent, similar, and fast laps and even though we were in the lead all day 2nd place would get too close for comfort at times (probably because of me, haha), and my teammates were always able to increase the gap by several minutes each lap. We let Eddie and Chris hammer out the 3 night laps to keep a safe margin of victory.

Racing on a team was fun but HARD. No one believed me when I said I would have rather been racing solo at a slightly slower pace than having to be redlining for every second I was riding. I lost count of the number of times I almost threw up on the course. Today, I'm not sure which is more appealing. I guess both are fun in their own way. It's crazy to suffer so bad and then feel great immediatlely afterwards. I'm not used to that! And, today I feel great instead of wrecked after a 12 hour solo.

Thanks to Marc and Mark P for coming out to spectate and hang. Cesar Grajales and his dog even made an appearance and hung out for awhile. Thanks again to Hodge and Cody from Addictive Cycles for the awesome support. Big thanks to Dirty Spokes for putting on a great race.

Congrats to Krista Park for placing 3rd in the mens 6 hour SS race, Shane from Dedicated Athlete for winning the 12 hour solo overall on his SS, and Mark B for placing 5th in the 6 hour despite a flat on his first lap. Mike Livingston came in 4th in the duo 12 hour. Good racing!

Now, it's finally time to end the 2008 season. It was quite successful for me, despite the recent happenings. I'm really looking forward to putting all the nonsense behind me now and gearing up for 2009 which will be a big year. Thanks again to all of my sponsors, check out their stuff because not only do they make great products, they are also great people that truly support our sport.

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Blogger Emily said...

congrats on the win you guys!

1:53 PM  
Blogger Mark D. said...

congrats to you and your team.was fun getting passed by you once and eddie twice :-)
+1 on solo over team.having to hurl on the trail is never a good feeling :-)

8:07 AM  
Blogger allan said...

Congrats guys. Kick ass.

5:13 AM  
Blogger Norma said...

Highlight of the race was Tina Pic flying by me like I was standing still, and she said something nice like "great job" or something. Very classy. Great job on the race!

6:54 AM  

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