Monday, September 29, 2008

sponsor news

....sorry, none yet! these things take time. we are in talks with people. interbike went very well for us but nothing has been decided or finalized. i will say one thing is **almost** definite....i won't be racing SS exclusively next year. this decision is based on the fact that i've raced SS-only for two years now and i need a change. that, and some of the races i want to do next year would be less fun on a SS. i will definitely keep a singlespeed around for some key races, though, like SSUSA. on the SS front i'm leaning towards one of these or one of these but, again, no final decisions have been made. these are also pretty but i haven't ridden one yet. the SS will be a 29er, that's for sure.

BTW, have you heard where SSUSA is going to be?


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