Friday, February 20, 2009

MTB race season is coming!

March 14 is the 6 hour race at Heritage Park, put on by Dirty Spokes Productions. I'm not sure I'll have my new bike and equipment by then but that's OK. Luckily the Soma Juice is proving to be a decent will be quite a shock (in a good way) to drop 7+ pounds just off the bike alone when the Rotwilds arrive!

I'm planning on doing the entire Dirty Spokes race series, but I'll be training right through them in the hopes that the race-pace efforts will get me ready for the faster-paced 100 mile races this year.

Also, the 9th annual BURN 24 hour is ON! Memorial Day weekend....The Brushy Mountain Cycling Club is taking the race over and it will be awesome. The trails are incredible. I believe I'll actually be racing on a team for this one!


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