Friday, April 03, 2009

arrrgh. can't catch a break!

My left arm finally healed up, then I crashed on my right arm...NOW my left knee is irritated. I guess the fixie riding followed by 6.5 hour thrashing was not good for me. I know my left quad muscles are weaker than my right, despite me trying to correct that over the off-season. Everything on my left side fatigues quicker and that's what happened at hour 6 of the ride this past Wednesday. I saw Dr. Josh Glass today and he seems to think I'll bounce back quickly but I need a massage and lots of ice and foam rolling. I'm going to rest it again today in hopes that I can take advantage of 74* and sunny tomorrow...pleeeeeaase!!!

SEE-ME 2009
is tomorrow afternoon at the Concourse Athletic Club..should be a good time..stop by the 55nine Performance booth if you're there.


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