Sunday, May 10, 2009

DS&G quick update

Friday preride was great, once I got the bike dialed in..this was my first ever ride on the Rotwild R.R2 hardtail and my first ride on 26" wheels in more than 2 years! It took a little bit of time to get used to the handling but once I did, it was great. That bike is a fast climber and smooth over technical descents. The Conti tires on DT swiss rims combo was awesome and the Magura fork is plush as can be, with no break-in time required. I'm a big fan already. I had to use some old XT brakes this time around..I'm really looking forward to having my Maguras installed! started pouring at the Start line. Eddie did the first lap. He broke his chain, had to run into the pit to fix it, and picked up where he left off. I guess the trail was not bad on the first lap while there was still water on the course. However, when I went out on the 2nd lap, the course had already begun to quickly deteriorate. The parts I could ride were a blast, but they were quickly followed by cement-like dirt sticking to the tires, fork, and between the rear tire and chainstays. Everyone was walking everything at this point. It was a matter of who was a better hike a was no longer a "bike" race. 'Cross tires and a Lefty fork seemed to be the lucky components of the day...I think the avg mph for my lap was 3.5 to 4. It took me around 2 hours to do 8 miles of the course! Cara, our third teammate, had already said she wasn't going to ride at all and we were in the 4-person class. I realized there was no point to this and walked out of the lap. However, I could not carry my bike, it weighed as much as I do at this point. When I finally made it back to the pit, thanks to Eddie helping to rescue my bike from the course, I found that many people had already called it a day after 1 or 2 laps. The winning solo laps turned out to be 4 (40 miles) for a 12 hour race! This was one day I was REALLY glad to not be racing solo, even though there was a huge cash payout. Still, it was a really fun day with cool bike racers and my knee felt GOOD! I'm so happy about that :-)


Blogger Sonya said...

Wow! That sucks the mud was so AWFUL. crazy!!! Sorry it was a bust, but sounds like you had fun in all the epic-ness :)

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