Tuesday, April 28, 2009


It's not really what I'm known for :) But, I'm being good and patient. Yes, still riding "easy" but it's working and my knee is feeling much better. I can tell that I'm no longer compensating much with my right leg while I'm riding. I also really have the urge to hammer but resisting.....

(edit: Just read someone's status on Facebook and this totally happened to me today's ride, too. Funny: "Pet peeve of the day: When some "Fred" camps out on my wheel during my ride today ... my recovery ride ... then attacks at a stop sign like we were racing. Wow ... what a stud. Was I supposed to be impressed?")

As for racing, the Dirty Spokes 6/12 hour race is this weekend at Fort Yargo. Originally, I was going to race solo..then I was thinking about joining a team. I emailed my coach to ask her if that would be OK and then promptly realized that she would probably tell me no. And, yeah, she pretty much did. Haha.

BUT...I just found out that the US riders of Topeak-Ergon will be attending the Gunnison Growler in CO at the end of May!!! I am going to go out early and stay longer to get in some vacation/ride/brewery time with my teammates and friends...oh yeah!!!

In other team news, some clothing, wheels, and other bike parts are en route to Georgia! I feel faster already :-)

One last thing, have you seen this?


Blogger Carey said...

Yea to you heading out to Colorado! You deserve it so take it easy now and leg your leg heal properly so that you can rock it at the Growler

1:58 PM  

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