Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Riding with the Wingnut Pack

I finally got in some riding with the Wingnut Gear hydration pack this weekend, I was wearing the Hyper 1.5. At first, my back hurt a lot more with it, but then we adjusted the straps to make the pack sit lower on my back...and after that it felt great, very natural. My only complaint with the Hyper 1.5 is that the bladder only holds 52 oz. and I need more than that for rides longer than 4 hours. I was able to put an extra bottle in the pack, though. I believe the Hyper 2.5 that Eddie is using is the same size as the Hyper 1.5 but holds almost 100oz. in the bladder. Check em out, I'm totally sold on it:


Blogger Mallie said...

I have a different brand that simply straps around your waist, no straps over the shoulders and I love it. I used to get backaches from regular camelbaks, but nothihng with this even on long rides. It, too, has the small bladder, but I just throw a water bottle in the back and one in my cage and I'm generally good.

4:27 AM  
Blogger Adam Lisonbee said...

The last picture in the post, is that the 1.5 or 2.5?

4:25 PM  
Blogger namrita o'dea said...

it's still the 1.5, it does look bigger there, doesn't it?

6:16 PM  

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