Friday, June 09, 2006

All I have to say is..

WOW. Today was Day 2 of Wobble-Naught dealer training. Eddie and I flew out to Boise, ID to learn from the Wobble-Naught creator himself, Tom Coleman. On paper, this stuff looked excellent - using real mathematics and science to fit bikes to people to improve movement and performance, to analyze and improve pedal strokes, and to analyze and improve muscle use. Then we got out here and actually got into the meat hands on. Again, WOW. We saw Tom perform two fits yesterday, and today was my turn. I first got my bike fit on my Kona King Kikapu. Tom took all my key measurements, taking into account my skeletal structure and came up with bike measurements that would preserve my skeletal integrity while producing a dynamic range of motion that would provide ME MY specific best line of pull in my muscles. What did I find? Specifically on the bike...there was quite a bit off. Even though I have had two "bike fits" in the past, using what I believe was the Serotta method, I found that my cleat position was way off, my saddle was too low and too far forward, my handlebar/stem was too low, and last but not least, my saddle was completely wrong and ill-fitting for me. So I got on the bike after all the measurements were changed on the bike. Next we used Dartfish to analyze my pedal stroke. What did we find? Well, damn, it was near perfect. I wasn't even thinking about it, I was just pedaling, assuming it was probably all choppy and wrong and Tom would give me the correct way to fix what I was doing wrong. Not so, I had nearly perfect circles and angles going good Tom took a snapshot of how my pretty stroke compared to Gunn-Rita's. SO COOL! Want proof? Here it is:

Then, as if that wasn't enough for me today, Tom hooked me up to the Myofacts software using EMG (Electromyogram) so we could see which muscles were firing when, during each second of my pedal stroke. Talk about coolness factor. What I found out was all this time, I have not been using the LARGEST muscle in my leg..not even close to what it's potential is. While I monitored the biofeedback on the large screen as I pedaled, I was able to conciously focus on using that muscle in my pedal stroke and I watched the power increase so fast it was incredible. All from focusing on using the muscles optimally. Of course, by the end I was completely cooked. This is going to force me to focus more now every time I ride and that is tiring, as well as I will have to develop these other muscles that I have not been taking advantage of-- that is also tiring.

We hit some fine SW Idaho trails at the end of the day today. Unfortunately, I could not climb worth anything, I was so cooked mentally and physically from the last two days. I had so much shooting through my mind, trying to focus on everything I learned, how to improve, I always want immediate results, but this one is going to take some time and I just have to stick with it and be patient. So the climbing wore me out, but the trip back down the trails was a blast, like a roller coaster. Hopefully I have more steam tomorrow to actually enjoy myself more. Tomorrow it's Eddie's turn to go through the Wobble-Naught fit, Dartfish pedal stroke analysis, and Myofacts EMG analysis.

We will be returning to Atlanta on Sunday and soon everyone there will have the chance to visit us and benefit the same way we are benefiting, as Eddie and I (55Nine Performance) will be the first and only Wobble-Naught dealers in Georgia. This stuff is truly is the REAL DEAL. How do we know? We can see it in the results, there is real proof--quantified.

Time to go drink a beer.


Blogger Dicky said...

Impressive. I would be scared to find out how much I am doing wrong. My bike is set up so goofy (the way I like it) I am sure the Wobble laser would be poking holes in me.
Being equipped with such knowledge is slick wicked.

2:58 AM  
Blogger Jeff Kerkove said...

This "fit" interests me. Problem is, that there isn't anyone close to me that does it. Time to start figuring out some options to get this done

5:17 AM  
Blogger namrita o'dea said...

hey jeff, eddie o and i might be able to hook you up when we're at 24/nine mile in july. we should be going by then...just unclear on how we would transport our equipment. we haven't discussed our travel plans yet, but need to.

11:57 AM  

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