Monday, November 27, 2006

Not much blogging lately

I just got back from Thanksgiving with the O'Dea family in FL. The weather was excellent, perfect for riding. I think next winter we will move to FL for a few weeks. The riding there is great, quite different from what I usually ride around here. We were able to get to a few different trails: Boyette, Alafia, and Razorback. We also did a tough road ride into a headwind on Thanksgiving Day. I came back today feeling pretty worked. Not to mention, I have lots of nice new bruises to show off but I will spare you the pics. I've been doing homework for the last 4 hours, and it's back to school tomorrow--only two more weeks until my first semester is over. I'll be glad to have a nice long break..especially because it involves going out west! This week is a recovery week, mostly because school is really busy.

I still haven't found a trade for my Unit 2-9 frame. I have a 19" and I need an 18". The finally put an ad out, it is here.


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