Monday, January 29, 2007


It's tough to be a full time student and have the time and money to train and race, so thank goodness for the awesome people and companies that have been helping me out for the last year or two..and to those that will help me go even further this year..

Continuing Sponsors:
55nine Performance- Laser precision bike fitting using the Wobble-naught system. There will be a lot of new and exciting things going on for 55nine and it's clients in 2007! Keep an eye out for developments.

Coach Eddie O'Dea- The best coach around for endurance mtb events. Eddie has both preset coaching plans and custom plans and works with local clients as well as coaching remotely. He's also one of the top 24 hour solo racers in the country.

Gravity Dropper Seatposts- An addition to my bike that is well worth it!

Defeet- I wear this stuff every keeps me warm.

Wicked Fast Sports Nutrition- Recover-Ease and Energ-Ease have become a staple in my sports nutrition over the last year. Eddie O and I have introduced the awesome products to most of Georgia and beyond!

PowerBar- I eat/drink this stuff every day..even when I'm not riding.

Wingnut Gear- Everyone needs one.

AND, for my new sponsors this year..I'm very excited...check them out!

Tifosi Optics- Yummy!

Industry Nine Componentry- Yummy!

Twin Six cycling clothing- Yummy!

This weekend is the Croom 50 in FL, put on by the SWAMP Club. It's not a race, just a ride. I'm really looking forward to some sun! I'd like to get in lots of miles while I'm down there. After that, my first race will be at Razorback in just a few weeks, but it's not a race I'm really focused on. The real racing starts in March!


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