Sunday, June 17, 2007

hot hot heat

This past winter I said I wouldn't complain about the heat...and I'm not. It is probably going to be pretty steamy at the Cowbell 12 hour this weekend, but I've been training in the heat of the day so hopefully that helps me. I had a big week of riding, now I can rest some. I am too tired to type much more, so I'll just post a few pics now that Eddie found the usb cable.

This is how I feel right about now

Hot Breath Harry is anxious to get to the mountains

Bike, after a long day in the woods

Bike, after another long day in the woods. You'll notice the Ergons are finally back after a short hiatus. I got rid of that 200 lb. POS Flat top 9 bar and dug up a new old Easton carbon bar..took the Jones H-bars off (again). I like being able to feel my fingers again, that's pretty cool. The Ergon grips are here to stay now. I can deal with the carbon bar until I find a good deal on a Seven or Black Sheep Ti flatbar.

That's it. Congrats to my friend Danielle on her excellent race at Lumberjack 100!!


Blogger Mallie said...

The orange of the bike and the green of the grips looks like sherbet. Must help when it's that hot outside! Best of luck this weekend at Cowbell. I'm hoping to do it with you next year!

7:16 AM  
Blogger allan said...

I'm resting this week myself. Sounds like a fun week and weekend of riding. Good luck this weekend. 5 days!!

7:37 AM  

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