Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Coming soon

Tomorrow is the maiden voyage of the pink rigid SS 29er Jabberwocky. Eddie is moving parts over from the Orange Jabber to the Pink Jabber as I write this. I'm still waiting for some permanent parts from Bike29.com, so in the meantime Pink will have loaner parts from Orange. I really want to race it this weekend, and I'd like to have at least one ride on it before the race.

Recovery from the race this past weekend is just OK. My legs feel great...they were ready to race for 13 hours but we got rained out. However, two of my three crashes were at high speed and now I feel like I'm recovering from a car wreck. Actually, the worst part of it is, when I was a-hem..."knocked" off the trail, I fell into some awful poisonous plants. Now, I'm itching from head to toe. My left arm got the worst of it...and it itches like hell. Right now I'm using Tecnu on it, so hopefully that works a miracle, and fast.

I'm really bummed to have missed what sounds like a big party at SM100 this past weekend. Financially, racing in FL made the most sense..and it worked out. At least we got to hang with Eddie's brother and family, that made for some nice relaxation and good times.

The racing bug is still going strong...which is good, because I've got at least 5 more to go this year! I'm already putting together the plan for next year..and I'm liking it a lot.


Blogger Mark D. said...

Those damn inconsiderate team racers!!

Congrats on 1st.See you at dauset.

I too will be going solo so if I see you coming around I'll make sure to let you knock me off the trail this time :-)

Once again,sorry about that :-)

5:57 PM  
Blogger namrita o'dea said...

No hard feelings, Mark. Just itching. :)

See you at Dauset!

6:45 PM  
Blogger Hmmm.... said...

Congratulations Nam. You're awesome.


7:04 PM  
Blogger Lorna said...

Hey there,
See if you can get your hands on some Zanfel for the Poison Ivy. One of my teammates really suffers if he gets in the vicinity of the poison ivy and he has had great success with Zanfel over Tecnu.

9:35 AM  

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