Sunday, December 09, 2007

Chilly Dawg Ride

Saturday's forecast was 65* and sunny! Eddie and I decided to stay in on Friday night so we could make it to the Cartecay Bikes Chilly Dawg 45 mile gravel road grinder. I was pretty excited to have this warm weather for a long December ride. But, as we got closer to the mountains, the fog began to set in...and soon enough it was misting. When we arrived to the Fire Station, it was cold and wet. I want the job of the weather-man. You just make something up and no one can do anything about it if you're wrong! Well, luckily I had a longsleeve jersey with me otherwise I would have been miserable.

The ride was great..rolling hills on gravel and pavement. I used to train and race around this area (Aska, Shallowford Bridge, Doublehead Gap, Skeenah) in my "adventure racing days" and it's just beautiful. Let me tell you how to be really slow, though: Ride your singlespeed on a ride like this where you spin out on the many flats and downhills...but you have to keep your heart rate in "level 2" so you can't even make up time hammering up the climbs. Yeah, it took a lot of discipline to not try and keep up with Mary, Laurie, and Roger...but I had to. Eddie had a rough ride too because he really lifted hard at the gym on Friday, so his legs were shot. That, and he helped push me along so I didn't get left behind on the flats. This is why I want a geared 'cross bike, for rides like this..

The ride ended with awesome chili courtesy of Kevin and Mary, homemade scones from Molly Freeman, and yummy rocky road bars from the one and only Chocolate Girl.

We ended up with close to 5 hours (including the standing around time). Awesome day!

Here's some pix courtesy of Cartecay Mike and Polly Ester:


Blogger i8chocolate said...

It WAS a great ride afterall! You are incredible on that singlespeed. No way I could have done that. You earned your chocolate the hard way!
Great to finally ride w/you and Eddie.

12:31 PM  
Blogger The Goat in a Turtle Shell said...

awesome Nam....Keep those training rides up and you'll be ready for the Pisgah 100 + in January in no time. There will be some bail out points.

4:06 AM  

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