Thursday, January 03, 2008

Wow that was cold

It turned out Eddie didn't have to work yesterday, so we didn't have to force ourselves to be hard-core athletes training in the dark when it's 18* outside. Instead, we had to force ourselves to go out when it was mid 30's to 40's. Now I'm sure that doesn't sound bad to most of you, especially if you've been reading Danielle's blog. But, we didn't bring much cold weather gear with us. I was wearing: Defeet Un-d-shirt under a longsleeve Craft baselayer under my shortsleeve 55nine jersey under my longsleeve 55nine jersey. I had my Defeet wool kneewarmers and woolie boolie socks on. My core and legs were okay, but my hands and feet were freezing 2 hours into the ride..somehow we managed to get 3 hours in, and the sun was setting as we finished the ride. But, I haven't been that cold in a long time. Eddie got me a pair of the LAKE winter MTB shoes last year, so I will be using those once I get back to the tundra (Georgia). Also, I hope my Beyond Clothing gear will be there for me so I will have no excuses to whine.

Sorry about the lack of pictures lately...our camera is nearing the end of it's life but hopefully we can squeeze some more out of it. Apparently Santa didn't get the memo that we need a new digital camera :)

Night ride tonight!


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