Monday, February 11, 2008

and so it begins

The race season, that is. Well, some people have been racing since early January...not me! I cannot believe that others are doing a 24 hour race next just seems so early for that. That being said, I would love to check it out sometime..maybe next year? Or better yet, maybe after I move to AZ. Then, there is another big race in TX which sounds really fun, but it's too far. And, then there's another 12 hour which is closer to us..12 hours of Santos. I still cannot decide if I am racing or not! I can get off work early on Friday so I really want to go...but the problem is the money. I calculated that it would be a $400 weekend at the very least if Eddie and I both race. Hmmm........................decisions decisions. I am already itching to race! We'll see.


Blogger cornfed said...

There's still one more Snake left. It's local, rocky, and promises to have a stellar after party. Think of it as Napa training. :-)

8:44 AM  
Blogger Cellarrat said...

Dang its less then a week away!

panic pack mode well prob hit sometime on wends...

4:43 PM  

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