Saturday, February 23, 2008

Enough already!

I've been sick for two weeks now. I finally thought I was getting better because I had one whole day with no congestion, nose blowing, or coughing. I went for a run that day and immediately felt pretty worn out afterwards. Since then I've developed another cough, this time really annoying!! I'm sick of being sick. I might just have to give in and take a few extra days off from training because the first two weeks of March will be big huge training weeks and I can't mess that up!

Wobble-naught Tom Coleman is coming to town today and he and Eddie are going to fit the A&F Inferno team again. I think while he's here I will get to do some pedaling with the EMG and see how my form has improved (hopefully).

OK, off to study.


Blogger i8chocolate said...

I hope you get better! I hear ya......I've been bad sick since last Sunday, and am very ready to be well again. 7 days of lying in bed/sofa gets old real fast. On a good note: we just got a whole case (12bxs) of those Nature's Path pop tarts from Amazon today:)

6:36 PM  

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