Wednesday, April 23, 2008

San Diego & Temecula - Day 1

Quick update....

Everything went smoothly this morning until we had to switch flights..except we had a nonstop flight and had to deplane and replane in Atlanta..nice.

We arrived about an hour late into SD and the Vassago guys were there waiting. We drove around for awhile collecting some odds and ends and then someone mentioned beer. The mecca of breweries is local to this place so of course we HAD to go. It was amazing...the brewery itself, the gardens, the food, and the beer. They had Arrogant Bastard jerseys, socks, etc. in there, and apparently they have trails right behind the brewery. Um, yeah, I was in heaven!!!

I only drank one beer but Vassago treated us to a growler of Arrogant Bastard to take with us to our hotel room in Temecula...since they were dropping us off there in the middle of nowhere with no car or anything. No worries, now we have lots of beer and two bikes to get around with. We rode an easy hour today..easy is going to be tough to find around here. You can ride on the flats for a few minutes but then the road goes UP. Eddie wanted to explore so we found a little dirt to ride also. The WTB tires seem to hook up quite nice here.

OK, going to go sip some Arrogant Bastard. Pics from Day 1 are HERE.


Blogger Mallie said...

Glad you made it safe and sound. Enjoy your time out there and kick some SS pardukey!

3:13 AM  
Blogger Hmmm.... said...

Ha ha! I heard you were in heaven at Stone! Glad you guys got out there ok and got everything together. Get some good trail time today and have fun!

5:50 AM  

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