Wednesday, April 16, 2008

in denial no longer

Basically, most of my big training hours are done for the year. From here on out it's all about R&R&R&R ..that's rest, race, recover, repeat from this weekend through October. I don't like taper weeks..I feel lazy. I guess that's because I haven't done a whole lot of training in the last few weeks, not as much as I would have liked. I'd be happy if I could always put in 20+hour weeks like I did in March...but oh well, I have a life outside riding a bike too. One that might actually make me a living some day :) I guess I should just enjoy the rest while I can. It sort of feels like I'm doing a big taper for just a short race this weekend which is silly. I've been in denial that I'm actually doing my first 24 hour in a week and a half...I'm sure it will seem more real when we actually start packing. It's really official now, though, because we registered today. No turning back now! We spent today fixing stuff that we've been ignoring on our bikes, and we're going to re-fit those tonight to make sure everything is marked to the millimeter before we pack them up to ship out tomorrow. Then, we're going to Addictive Cycles early in the AM tomorrow to build the race bikes..they WILL be done tomorrow because we have no choice. Sorry to keep everyone waiting :) I have to say a HUGE THANK YOU to our KICK ASS SPONSOR VASSAGO CYCLES for taking care of all the logistics for the 24 hour. It is a huge help since I've never been anywhere in Southern Cali! For the first time ever, Eddie and I can concentrate on racing and not all the logistics that can get really wearing for a race like this.


Blogger Reenie said...

And it always seems like the weather is perfect when you're not supposed to be riding...

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