Thursday, April 03, 2008

coffee & bikes

They go together like singlespeeds, tattoos, and beer! ;) Yesterday we drove up to cafeine in Buford (formerly Jittery Joes). Addictive Cycles is moving in to do some part time work (wrenching and a few accessory sales). Right now they will only be there Saturdays from 8-12 but if it is successful they will have more hours. This is great news for Addictive Cycles customers like me that live in Atlanta! The cafe was really nice, too. The coffee is good. Eddie actually won a bag of the house blend. The group ride was fun and mellow, and will be starting up regularly on Wed. at 6:30pm! So far I'm still liking the road riding! It is good for my leg speed and fitness. I have a paranoia of getting stuck at the back now, though, so I have to be at the front but I try and avoid pulling as much as I can. It's my instinct to want to pull but I'm trying to learn to be a roadie :)


Blogger cornfed said...

Hodge hooked me up with some of their Addictive Cycle Blend and it's mighty tasty. Sippin' on it as I type this actually. Hope it works out well for Hodge.

9:42 AM  

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