Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Wednesday Dirt

The sun is out today so we packed up and headed out to Conyers for a ride. Some people may disagree with me, but I think this is the worst singlespeed trail we have locally. It hurts! OK it is fine for a lap or three, but for 24 hours??? OK, I'll stop my whining now. So as we are about to roll out, Eddie realizes he has no helmet. Ugggggh. I wasn't about to not ride today as the last time his wheel blew up I let him ride my Jabberwocky. So, luckily Eddie brought his video camera and was able to get a lot of video footage of me climbing, descending, and getting through (or not getting through, in some cases) techy and steep sections. I'm looking forward to analyzing it with him because I have no idea what I look like on a singlespeed. He did say that I have a funky way of climbing when it gets really steep so if I can do that more efficiently, I'll be happy to learn how. The trails were super dry so it's time to put the Weirwolf/Exiwolf combo back on! Though, Eddie really liked the Vulpines at Conyers. I will be trying those out ASAP. We only got one lap in, but we were out there for a long time riding, switching helmets, video-ing, and picking lines.

The Strokers worked great! It took about 10 minutes to break them in and I really like them. This eve we are heading up to Addictive Cycles for a group road ride.


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