Tuesday, April 01, 2008


so i got up this morning to rain....knowing i had a long day ahead of me at school...i got on the trainer for an hour and eddie ran some video analysis on me so i could work on my pedaling skillz. then, what do i see when i'm on my way to class? the sun, of course! shining bright all day while i was sitting in class. i can only hope that the rest of this week is full of sun because i am off for the next 5 days and all i need to do is ride my bike!! i'm looking forward to testing out my new Hayes Strokers. I've also got some new WTB Vulpines to try out..they look fast rolling...good for Temecula? Or maybe stick with the Weirwolf. Hmm. I just hope the trails aren't too muddy tomorrow.


Blogger cathi said...

oh i know... i awoke to rain. threw a bag in the car, figuring i'd hit a spin class tonight. at lunch, blue skies, sun, & warm spring weather! i actually snuck out a bit early and got on my bike; thought i'd be safe. but noooo. coming off the mtn the rain started. then it was pouring. and lightning. and add fixing a flat (a friends, not mine). springtime hypothermia setting in... then it was dark before we got back. how fitting that it was april fools day. guess mother nature played a joke on me!

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