Thursday, April 24, 2008

Temecula Day 2..random thoughts

Not so much in the mood to write a lot so, some quick random updates:

Rode the course today. F'in brutal. I should see a psyhcotherapist to figure out why I torture myself with singlespeeding sometimes. UUUUGGGGGH. I will be doing some, no...lots..of walking. Well, I am going to try again tomorrow with an easier gear. 32x19 is too stout for a 24 solo here as some of those hills are going to get really painful.

Some issues with the chain overtightening itself, need to figure that out. That made for some unnecessary extra resistance training today which I didn't need :)

Brand new fork is spewing oil. Need to figure that out.

I will cry if I have to ride a rigid SS on this course.

So Cal is nice and we got to hang out with Eddie's friend Orion, he is cool.

OK, time to stretch, roll, sip of the growler and lay by the pool.

...who am I kidding. Time to go work on bikes! We'll bring the camera along tomorrow when we ride the course again.


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