Monday, April 14, 2008

weight weenie

Monday..back on it. Slacked a bit this weekend. I did drink 1-2 beers per night, which is ok, but yesterday food was so limited that I ended up eating 5 bars. Yuck! And, I haven't been riding enough to justify my Taco Bell fix. As of last Friday, though, I had lost a pound so I'm on track.

Yesterday was a meet and ride with the US Forest Service, Woody (trail builder and advocate extraordinaire from Pisgah), some Atlanta SORBA folks, and some horse folks. We met to assess the current status of the Bull/Jake Mtn trails and talk about future directions for maintenance, sustainability, trails :) This is the trail system that the Fool's Gold 100/50 races run on, so Eddie and I are also particularly interested in the project. It was a GREAT meeting on all accounts. I was surprised no local Dahlonega SORBA people or local bike shops were there to represent? Hello!! This is your back yard and you stand to gain the most from these improvements. Anyway, that's not the point. It was a great meeting but we didn't get a lot of riding in...probably only 1.5 hours at the most. So much for one last big riding day before the racing starts. Oh well, it was important to be there so no regrets!

So..back to Monday. The measuring cups are out and so is the scale. The measuring cups are to measure my food..particulary milk and cereal as I can get a little carried away with what "one serving" of that is. The scale is parts :) I wish I could leave the Odis fork on the Optimus Ti for Cohutta this weekend..but I really need to start breaking in the Magic 80 before the 24 I guess I'm going squish this weekend! Time to get used to it again, anyway. Eddie's got the Magic 80 I used last year on his bike..lucky him it's already broken in!

BTW, who messed with our weather! It's freaking freezing out there today :(

edit: I just heard that I cannot do my summer rotation in Detroit this summer and I'm really bummed. The worst part is that there is no good reason other than good ole' bureaucracy! I'm still going up early for L100 and 24 hour Nationals because these are my two most important races of the summer.


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