Friday, May 16, 2008


I'm still sitting here with a heating pad on my shoulder/rotator cuff. I think vitamin I might be in order for this race. The only thing I'm nervous about for this race is the course beating me up. It's soooo bumpy. The granite is bumpy, but so are the dirt descents because the brake bumps are as big as ever. I'm worried about my back and shoulders, mostly, since they are still messed up. And, I'm going to get a pedicure today as the bottoms of my feet are still kind of sore from Vail Lake! My backup bike has the rigid ODIS fork, so I'll be riding that when I need to. I just hope I don't flat b/c we didn't get a chance to install the No Tubes setup this week (just not enough time to test it out comfortably).

OK, going to go finish packing, walk the dogs, finish up the bikes, etc. Richard W (Eddie's support guy from previous races) is coming up to help out Hodge & Cody this weekend, so that's cool.

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend, I'm hoping Danielle wins 12 hours of Tsali again, I'm pretty sure she will!

Oh, by the way..Conyers is going to be really quiet, so if you have nothing else to do please come out and spectate! (And keep Hodge & Cody company..they do like beer ;) And, if anyone wants to go above and beyond...there is a Mellow Mushroom in Conyers and salty parmesan pretzels sometime tomorrow night would rock! Thanks, in advance :)


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