Sunday, June 15, 2008

lumberjack race report for me

well, this trip was not really what i had in mind but i tried to still have some fun despite not racing. i've learned my lesson..never mountain bike without gloves when it's 99% humidity outside. if you do, hold on to your handlebar...tight. luckily nothing is broken and i just have some scratches and a huge swollen leg.

thanks to scott for organizing the weekend..we had a fun time hanging out with good people. btw, the michigan singlespeeders are insane! they were pushing 38x16 type gears on their 29ers!! i was amazed.

we spent our savings on gas for this trip so no cowbell challenge for me. i also need a new front wheel and rotor. i guess i have to find something local (cheap) to race to scratch my itch before 24 hour nationals.


Blogger D.B.O. said...

yes gloves are indeed a neccessity, i actuly lost a glove once in about 2ft of virginia mud, so i finished my enduro race with 1 glove!!!!!

6:22 AM  

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