Friday, July 11, 2008

misery =

26 miles, 1.5 a car....per day. I don't know how people do it. It makes me angry, grumpy, anxious, I could go on. Thank goodness I only have 4 days of it left. I swear, I'm going to ride my bike to work next week. At least for 3 of the 4 days.

On a more positive note, this weekend will be 2 long days of riding in the mountains...road ride in the gaps tomorrow (and maybe some wine tasting...) followed by Fool's Gold 50 route on Sunday. I could not be happier.

pic by andrew kornylak

I promise I will return with some good pictures of my own, it has been awhile.

edit: hey! i just saw that i am bike blog of the week.


Blogger Misty said...

Oh Nam....come hang with me for one week! I promise, you will never drive in a car again. We were just discussing how long we can possibly live here! I do 34 miles one way - 2 hours each way - every freakin day! One accident and I'm screwed! After a few months you become numb!

7:59 PM  
Blogger Andrew said...

Uggh. I feel your pain. I'm a 100 mile/day commuter and it totally stinks.

After a long sitting at a desk and riding in a car, my legs just ache to get out and ride.

6:08 AM  

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