Wednesday, July 02, 2008

yay for the weekend

so, it's only wednesday, but that means that i'm done working for the week and off to play for the weekend! we're going up to dahlonega tomorrow and will be finalizing the fool's gold route, hopefully, and joining up with the cartecay bikes 4th of july ride on friday. i can't wait!!! my legs will be dead, but i don't care! i trashed them yesterday, and need to go out again today...stalling now....must go. this weekend will be awesome, we have a good group..eddie, harvey, and mark b. i foresee many miles of riding, dogs in the river, and post ride beers. hope everyone has a happy and safe weekend!

p.s. SOMEONE is reading my mind! edit: ok, i can't attend this event, but i like the idea!


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