Sunday, June 22, 2008

Great Weekend

Even with no Cowbell, the weekend turned out great. I decided not to race, and just to ride a lot. On Saturday, Eddie and I hitched a ride to the site of the GSC XC race at Rock Hawk trails. Man, the trails were far out hour and a half, at least, from Atlanta. But, I was pleasantly surprised! They have some good stuff out there and most likely I will be back... Today, Eddie and I went out to Piedmont NWR in Middle Georgia..another far out trip, but I didn't feel like riding big climbs. We ended up with 4.5 hours of gravel road grinding, but it was the perfect terrain for training to race in WI. Lots of flats with some rollers so I was always pedaling. Not sure I will rush back to this place to ride...there wasn't much scenery and we only saw one person and a few deer (odd, for being a wildlife refuge..oh well, I'm not complaining too bad...didn't want to see any pigs or panthers!)

I heard Carey Lowery kicked butt and the Cowbell 12 hour, coming in 2nd just behind Rebecca Rusch. Congrats!


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