Saturday, September 06, 2008

eddie update

eddie o has lapped the field...and is going strong in the 9th hour of racing.

i have been riding back and forth all day, taking care of the dogs, helping eddie, and various other solo riders. this is a really fun race, though i'm glad i'm not out there battling traffic for 24 hours straight in downtown atlanta.

i actually just came home...i had to ride home but didn't have lights so i did the sunset TT to make it back by dark o'clock. i left eddie's cooler out so he can grab bottles. i will keep watching the live tracker online to see if he stays consistent at night. i still want to go race the SS race tomorrow, but it's more important to me that eddie wins this race so i will help him instead, if needed. but, if all goes well for him overnight (as i'm hoping it will) i'll be on my way to macon to do some laps!


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