Sunday, September 28, 2008

Interbike Day 2

The show was completely overwhelming. I've been to many tradeshows, but none like this. While I saw quite a lot of lust-able material there, I have to admit my sponsors make the best stuff around. The bike shopping was really fun, though. It's amazing how much I've missed in the past two years by only riding and racing a singlespeed. I worked the TWIN SIX booth all three days for about 5 hours each day, and then used the rest of the time to meet with all my current sponsors. The TWIN SIX booth was crowded with celebrities such as the Fat Cyclist, Travis Brown, Jesse LaLonde, and more. It was pretty cool. In between, I was even able to meet with some new sponsors so it was a success all around.

As the show was winding down we hit some happy hours with PowerBar and Paceline Products.

Cross Vegas was Tuesday night so we piled into two cabs with our AVX friends who were out in Vegas for the show and for a bachelor party. We had the cabs stop at the package store on the way out to the race and picked up some big bottles of Arrogant Bastard Ale...yum. The guys also picked up a gallon of Vodka and a whole case of some other stuff...Good enough for at least an hour and a half :) When we got there there was two security guys checking it was time to drink some of the goods and sneak the rest of it in. No problem, I had faith that these guys could get it done. We got to the race after the women had started and then the mens race came soon afterwards. That race was so fun to watch! Lance was racing and I also got to see Adam Craig jump the barriers every time except one (which was really funny). Hello, he's got skillz. Danielle was there, as was Mary and Brendan Collier of Siren Bicycles. I also got to hang with the Crank Brothers guys, George from Bike29, and the guys from Squirt Lube.

(I have a new love for beer out of a can..Dale's Pale Ale and PBR!)

After the race we visited the Mafia Racing guys and had some PBRs...their kits are so hot. Then, we took the cab to the sushi bar. Awesome day 2!


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