Thursday, December 11, 2008

attacking weakness

I can't really say that yesterday's ride was, in fact it really sucked. We did have some pretty views but it didn't make the "dung beetle" ride anymore pleasant. I had to do a 3-hour ride so we were either going to ride the Croom trails (singletrack) or a big "gravel road loop with hills" as Eddie described it. Eddie chose the "gravel road loop with hills ride" because it would be good training.

I guess my idea of a gravel road ride is different because I'm used to doing them in North Georgia. This ride was 1/2 pavement and 1/2 bumpy dirt road BUT there were some hills, oh yeah. I'm realizing that any little incline can be made into a hill if you put it in the right (or wrong, depending on how you see it) gear.

Let me just say that if I had to pick one weakness of mine, it's riding my mountain bike on the road. I hate it! I don't know if it's mental or if I'm not good at sitting and spinning but it's just torture. I was longing for singletrack, roots, rocks, steep hills where I could stand and hammer. But, I'm trying to train my muscles to sit and spin because it's more efficient in the long run. Being that I am planning on racing the NUE series next year I better get better at this soon...otherwise I might be going back to racing singletrack loops for 12 hours at a time!

Today it's raining and I'm OK with it. I'm catching up on work, thesis, etc. and Eddie is off doing bike fits. I'll get out for a short ride later......


Blogger Chris said...

That's the beauty of the NUE though -- you get awesome singletrack with just a bit of road here and there. You won't need any roadie mojo at Lumberjack, but you'd better bring it for Shenandoah!

7:55 AM  
Blogger allan said...

ouch. Other than that, looks and sounds like a good time. The Vortex trails are a blast.

5:43 PM  

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