Monday, December 29, 2008

no more cookies

It's been a long week with no internet! I don't know how people live without wireless. Oh well, we are at Harvey's place now so all is good and I can check blogs and facebook again :)

The past week included quite a bit of training on the road, a little dirt riding, a little running, and a lot of eating. I baked an apple pie from scratch but made it through the week with no pie. I can't say the same for the cookies and chocolate covered goodies, though..I had my fair share. Oh well, I'm not going to feel too guilty as I've been pretty active.

Speaking of food, there is a cool new Pubix Greenwise market in's like Whole Foods but all Publix. There is even a Gelato and Espresso Bar, whole wheat and nine-grain fresh pizza dough, and tons of other good, healthy, and organic stuff. I'm in heaven there! I really hope we get one of these in the ATL.

Our 3.5 week winter training camp is coming to a close this week...we will spend NYE with Harvey, the dogs, and some good beers, and then probably head back to ATL on Jan 1. It's been fun..but I am VERY ready to be home and to sleep in my own bed. I hope the weather stays warm up there because I'm totally spoiled now! I think the average temp here has been 79*.


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