Friday, December 19, 2008

I think I'm tired...

Just a guess. This week's hours are a little under last week's 22 hours, but still quite a bit of work being done. Today we did a strength workout, a short run, and then a short ride with intervals. I was in the middle of my first one-legged-drill when a F250 with two guys offered to pick me up..they thought my bike was broken or that I had injured my leg...just then I realized how ridiculous I must have looked riding through this little neighborhood.

Last night was the 2nd of the two Endurance "Kliniks" in FL.

Afterwards, Mike and Shelley of Kira Bannerworks took us to the Oldsmar Tap House--it's owned by a fellow cyclist and the beer selection is amazing. If I had any sort of tolerance anymore I could have stayed there all night!

Speaking of beer...if anyone has recommendations for good Belgian beers I'm all ears! There are a million down here to choose from so I figured I might as well learn something about them while I'm here.

Tomorrow is another road ride with more intervals..whoopy doo...and then dirt on Sunday, yeah!


Blogger SandPine said...

I thought you all were on vacation? Is mikey really that tall or are you two bending your knees? That guy don't need any more advice. He is killing the newbie field down here with us at the 12 hrs. He is pretty fast with an amazing endurance. Thanks again for the kliniks..

6:54 PM  
Blogger Union County Biker said...

Rochfort Trappist Ale #10. The best Belgian beer out there. It is unfiltered, so be careful pouring it or you will end up with a bunch of "junk" in your glass.

3:31 PM  

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