Sunday, February 22, 2009


...ugh! Go away cold. Yesterday was incredible....we rode @ Conyers in shorts! Today, not so much. I was supposed to do a long hard/intense workout today and failed miserably. Between the relentless wind, cold, and me not feeling great anyway it was the ride from hell. My HR wouldn't budge and if I had a powermeter it would have surely told me that I suck. Thank goodness Monday is my rest day....I have a ton of work to get done this week and I want to retry my workout on Tuesday.


Blogger Wicki said...

Man, I hate those days!!!

Rest up, I'm sure you'll pop back :)

You got a race schedule yet?? I'd love to see you at some of the same silly sh#% I'll be at!!
Hope all is well and the weather gets better!! Next year you should seriously consider taking a couple of months to temporarily relocate somewhere warm. I've learned what a HUGE difference it can make-partly in training, but mostly in getting less sick and injured!

9:01 AM  
Blogger Namrita O'Dea said...

Hey girl, great job at'll be on top next time.

Man, I would love to relocate somewhere warm. Winter gets longer and longer every year..even in Georgia.

I'll email you about the race schedule!

6:43 PM  

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