Sunday, February 08, 2009

"L" is for....


Yes. Wait, no, "L" is for Lost. That is what happened to me on the ride today. Anyone that knows me is shaking their head, I know. I was supposed to be riding the Fool's Gold 50 route and I freakin got lost. That is practically like getting lost in your own backyard...that's how stupid it is!!

I started out with Eddie, Mark, and John up to Cooper Gap but had to run back to the, I had to do an hour of structured intervals so I was just going to do those and then meet up with the guys on the singletrack. Well, after my intervals I don't know what my problem was...but nothing looked familiar. I am so used to following others around in the woods and unfortunately we had to take all the route markings down from the race. So, I started backtracking, would take a trail connector, turn around, repeat....and all of a sudden I'm just riding around in circles wondering how on earth I could miss them. It turns out all three of them had split up to look for me around the same time that I was in the was just a fluke and I happened to miss all of them. I just kept riding and started to ride the course backwards hoping that I would eventually see them. Nope. I got confused because the 2007 and 2008 courses were slightly different so I didn't know where I was and where the guys would be. At the 4 hour mark I just went back to the car because I didn't want to make them come looking for me. As I was heading back on the trail I heard all the helicopters (rangers were playing around) and I was certain they were looking for me :) It turns out they weren't and the guys showed up about an hour after I got back...still, it was a great day to ride and the Juice rode well today! No, I didn't take any pictures..and I was so stressed most of the time that I hardly ate or drank anything during my four hour ride. Taco Bell tasted pretty darn good afterwards!


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