Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cartecay Bikes Chili Dawg Ride

After yesterday's 3 hour thrashing, I wasn't sure what to expect on today's ride. The advertised ride was 47 miles with a lot of climbing. Two guys were on CX bikes, a few were on SS, and I was on my new Soma Juice 29er. Is there a better way than a 4 hour ride to break in a new bike? Other than some minor issues like not being able to shift to the big ring and some cable stretch, the bike was great and should prove to be a good training bike before the Rotwild bikes arrive.

Well, thank goodness I worked with Eddie on Thursday. He gave me a video analysis session with Dartfish after he fit me on the Juice and once again, I was enlightened. I really would like to go in for video analysis at least once a month to make sure my technique is good. Everytime he explains stuff to me and points it out on the video, I find more improvements that I can make so that is great. I worked on my technique yesterday and on today's ride and it makes such a noticeable difference. My climbing is getting better and my pedaling is getting more efficient so I owe Eddie (and my coach) the thanks for that. I was able to ride at a good endurance pace today and managed to feel relatively fresh at the end...I wouldn't have been able to say that after singlespeeding that route!

The ride ended with yummy chili made by Vic, thanks! And, thanks to Mike from Cartecay Bikes for hosting the ride. The Chili Dawg rides are every Saturday through the end of Feb. at the Big Creek Fire Station in Ellijay. Rides leave at 10am.


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