Tuesday, April 07, 2009

going on 6

6 days of not riding a bike. It's a good thing we don't have any guns in the house. I had one chiropractic and one massage appointment already, and going in for round two of both today and tomorrow. As much as I want to ride my track bike again, I cannot get back on it until it fits me properly...I really need to locate a stem that will work for it. I think what happened is 4 hours of riding on that bike strained my hamstring and then I did that long road ride the day after for the nail in the coffin. Now I have some tendonitis that is taking way too long too go away. Yes, I'm impatient.

Cohutta 100 is less than 3 weeks away. I had originally planned on doing the entire NUE, but I may just do a few of them and adjust my focus to some even shorter races this year. The exception, however, is this one!

We've had a lot of cold, wind, and even snow the last couple days. I hope I'm able to ride again tomorrow as the temps are supposed to go back up, thank goodness!


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